English Language Quiz 133 for IBPS PO

Direction (Q. 1 - 10) :- In the following passage, some of the words have been left out, each of which is indicated by a number. Find the suitable word from the options given against each number and fill up the blanks with appropriate words to make the paragraph meaningfully complete. My friend’s wish to volunteer with an NGO (1) from a/an (2) which pressed her to spend her summer vacations in a meaningful way and contribute her (3) to the helpless people. Now, looking back that She has spent so far, She consider this period to be one of the best chapters in her life; and not a single day was tiring. Her journey so far has been filled with contentment and (4) memories to carry through life.  In the course of her volunteering, she was  (5) to the functioning of various organizations as well as senior volunteers already associated with this NGO. She visited an NGO along with her colleagues who were also evenly excited and she felt the work which they have been doing was not only simple but (6) . Among the many initiatives, carried out by NGO such as meeting the officers, thanking the NGO, teaching the poor,  (7) the development of  (8) children, her favorite is the open air  (9) ,were she motivate new volunteers. She had the incredible experience of being the volunteer. She admired how NGO has helped her improve her communication skills. She learned from all her  senior volunteers  and came to know a lot about previous  activities. She felt a lot of pride  and a deep  sense of motivation.(10) her journey, she has always had a sense of working with NGOs and never under them. She has thoroughly liked being involved in all the movements and firmly believes that this is only the beginning of what She hope will be my never ending journey.

1. 1) wean 2) drew 3) drain 4) stir 5) elicit

2. 1) pulsate 2) indomitable 3) pittance 4) impulse 5) wooing

3. 1) revelation 2) primordial 3) bit 4) ransom 5) esoteric

4. 1) despicable 2) multiracial 3) racism 4) adored 5) plumbed

5. 1) apartheid 2) epitomized 3) illumined 4) veered 5) exposed

6. 1) drooping 2) cascading 3) promulgated 4) outstanding 5) nefarious

7. 1) primordial 2) looming 3) nurturing 4) appalling 5) gobbling

8. 1) pulsated 2) underprivileged 3) ushered 4) ousted 5) ingrained

9. 1) orientation 2) embolden 3) hauled 4) extremism 5) acrimonious

10. 1) throughout 2) overall 3) round 4) around 5) completely

Answers :-


1.2 ,    2.4  ,    3.3  ,    4.  4  ,    5.5  ,    6.4  ,    7.3  ,    8.2  ,    9.1  ,    10.1



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