Reasoning Ability Quiz 66 for IBPS PO

Directions (Q. 1-5): Study the following information and answer the following questions: There are seven different shops -UCB, Woodland, Reebok, Shoppers stop, Pantaloons, Blackberry and Adidas- with in the boundaries of a circular market. Only three shops are facing inside the market and rest are facing outside the market. Shoppers stop is between Blackberry and the shop which is facing inside the market and shoppers stop is to the immediate right of Blackberry. Pantaloons is second to the left of Adidas. Woodland is fourth to the right of UCB and both are facing same direction. A shop which is facing inside the market is on the immediate right of the shop which is facing outside and third to the right of woodland. Reebok and UCB are facing inside and are not immediate neighbours. Rebock is immediate right of Pantaloons

1. Which of the following have entrance from inside?
1) Adidas 2) Pantaloons 3) Shoppers stop 4) UCB 5) None of these

2. Which of the following shops is on the immediate right of Reebok?
1) Woodland 2) Pantaloons 3) Blackberry 4) UCB 5) Can't be determined

3. If  shoppers stop and UCB  interchange  their positions,  which of  the following  shops  will be  second to the  left of Pantaloons?
1) UCB 2) Blackberry 3) Adidas 4) Reebok 5) None of these

4. Which of the following shops is between Adidas and Woodland in clockwise direction?
1) Pantaloons and Reebok 2) Reebok and UCB 3) Blackberry and Shopper stop 4) Reebok and Adidas 5) None of these

5. How many shops are there between Pantaloons & shoppers stop, which entrance from inside?
1) One 2) Two 3) Three 4) Can't be determine 5) None of these

Direction (Q. 6-10): Read each statement carefully and answer the following questions:

6. Which of the following symbols should be placed in the blank spaces respectively (in the same order from left to right) in order to complete the given expression in such a manner that makes the expression T > K definitely false? __ > __ __ = __ < __
1) TKCEB 2) CBKET 3) CKETB 4) TBCKE 5) None of these




Answers :-




1.4 ,       2.2,       3.1,       4.1,       5.1





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