Quantitative Aptitude Quiz 64 for IBPS PO

1. A man buys rice for `2500. He sells 2/5  of it at a profit of 10% at what per cent loss should he sell remaining 3/5  . So as to make no profit on loss on the whole transaction?



2. Apples are bought at 10 for a rupee and an equal number more at 15 for a rupee. If these are sold at11 for a rupees. Find the loss or gain percent.



3. An article is sold at 20% profit. If its CP and SP are increased by `15 and `10 respectively, the percentage of profit decreases by 5%. Find the cost price.
1)  `140 2)  `145 3)  `150 4)  `160 5) None of these


4. A grocer sells his goods at a profit of 12% and uses a weight which is 8% less. Find his total percentage gain-



5. If the ratio of the ages of Ram and Shyam at present is 4 : 5. 9 years ago, the ratio of their ages  was 3 : 4. What is the sum of the present age of Ram and Shyam.
1) 75 years 2) 79 years 3) 81 years 4) 85 years 5) None of these

6. The average age of a husband and wife was 26 years, when they were married 3 years ago. The average age of the husband, the wife and a child who was born during the interval, is 20 years now. How old is the child now?



7. How many seconds will a train 70 m in length travelling at the rate of 48 km./h, take in passing another train 55 m. long
proceeding in the same direction at the rate of 33 km./h?
1) 30 sec. 2) 35 sec. 3) 33 sec. 4) 38 sec. 5) None of these


8. A can do a piece of work in 20 days and B can do it in 25 days. How long will they take if both work together?



9. A man can row downstream at the rate of 131 km. an hour and upstream at 4 km/h. Find man's rate in still water.
1) 8 km./h. 2) 8.5 km/h 3) 9 km/h 4) 7 km./h 5) None of these

10. Two cars run to a place at the speeds of 24 km/h and 30 km/h respectively. If the second car takes 3hrs less than the first for the journey. Find the length of the journey.

1) 360 km. 2) 380 km. 3) 420 km. 4) 540 km. 5) None of these


Answers :-





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